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About Us

Montrose Equipment Sales, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of strip cutting
machines for over 40 years.  Our Ace brand machines are manufactured, tested, 
and delivered direct to your door from our facility in Brooklyn, New York. 

Companies in need of high quality, heavy duty cutting machines have relied on 
us consistently for our expert knowledge, reliable service, and affordable prices.
We offer a wide line of both digital and mechanical machines and help  
customers every day select the best machines for their cutting needs.

Some models can be equipped for angle, or alternating angle cutting 
up to 45 degrees.  Additionally, our machines can be equipped with 
the following options:

Motorized Puller
Electronically controlled to compensate for stretch and heavy work loads.

Syncromotion Unit
Synchronizes sewing operation with strip cutting.  Can be added to all models.

Multiple Ribbon Guide (now standard on our machines!)
Simple device permits cutting a number of the same or different widths at the 
same time.

Predetermining Counter (mechanical machines only/standard on digital)
Automatically stops the machine when preset amount is accomplished.

Stop Motion (mechanical machines only/standard on digital)
Stops the machine when material runs out.


cutting machines are 
perfect for the following materials:

> ribbons > tapes > straps > dog leashes 
> belts > cords > pull strings > elastics 
> felt > belt loops > webbing > tubing 
> ropes > velcro™ > hat bands 
> knit fabrics > film > seat belts 
> harnesses > truck straps > metal foils 
> plastic zippers > carpet samples 
> parachute straps > surgical bandages 
> shirting > synthetics

Contact Us

Contact Us

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